About Smooth Synergy

At Smooth Synergy, our philosophy is simple:
Rejuvenation is the secret to success for women and men.

When we created Smooth Synergy, we set out to design a rejuvenating, medically focused NYC spa that offers practical solutions to skincare concerns and delivers real results. That’s why we offer only the most effective products and up-to-date technology. Smooth Synergy’s mission is to offer synergistic services tailored to fit your individual skincare needs. You will leave feeling happier with more than just your smooth skin — you will feel as if you are finally radiating your true, natural beauty.

For over a decade, Smooth Synergy has been in the business of helping people look and feel their best. As a family-owned cosmedical spa nestled in Manhattan NYC, Smooth Synergy has a strong track record of serving happy clients.

Our full-service facility specializes in NYC laser hair removal, Ultherapy, Botox cosmetic, cellulite reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, facials, eyelash extensions, and a variety of other noninvasive cosmetic treatments. Smooth Synergy’s licensed aestheticians provide expert services in a clean and relaxing environment.

Finally, the owner and CEO Nicole is a constant presence at Smooth Synergy, making sure everything is run smoothly day to day. Smooth Synergy is a business that is aligned with Nicole’s values and passion to help empower other people.

Smooth Synergy provides a glimpse into the way beauty and self-care helps men and women feel more confident and happy as they go about their everyday lives.

No matter how the modern individual chooses to take care of their skin and body, their decisions are unique and important. Their choices show us how we can increase and improve the services we offer. If yesterday’s spa was a kind of exclusive girls club, then Smooth Synergy is today’s medical spa. Despite being a spa, Smooth Synergy is inclusive and expansive and serves men and transgender individuals in addition to women. We are a true reflection of the needs and desires of our diverse society.

At Smooth Synergy, our top concern is our clients’ ultimate comfort, confidence, and satisfaction. As Dr. George Liakeas, medical consultant for Smooth Synergy says, “We abide by a strong ethical code and offer quality treatments at fair prices in our beautiful NYC medspa facility.”