Kybella or Chin Lipo: Get Rid of Double Chin

Double Chin Removal, NYC

Kybella or Chin Lipo? Both get rid of fat under the chin and restore a youthful contour to the face. So how do you know which one will result in a picture perfect profile for you? Here’s our guide to the benefits of Kybella injections vs chin lipo surgery to lose a double chin permanently:

Kybella or Chin Lipo: What is Kybella?

Until recently, liposuction surgery was the best option for reducing double chin. But chin lipo surgery came with the risks, possible side effects and recovery time associated with cosmetic surgery. In 2015, the FDA approved a revolutionary noninvasive treatment for double chin reduction called Kybella. Without scalpels or lipo-tubes, Kybella is an injectable that physically destroys fat cells beneath the chin with the naturally-occurring molecule, deoxycholic acid. Because it’s a nonsurgical treatment for double chin, it offers the advantage of less downtime than chin or neck liposuction. Multiple Kybella sessions are usually indicated to achieve permanent double chin reduction.

Kybella or Chin Lipo: What is Chin Lipo Surgery?

Chin and neck liposuction have been around for over 20 years to get rid of fat and loose skin. A doctor makes an incision in the treatment area, lasers the fat and inserts a straw-seized lipo tube to drain it. The entire process takes between 3-5 hours with a recovery period of 1-3 days.

Kybella or Chin Lipo: Which Will Best Get Rid of Double Chin?

Since both Kybella and chin liposuction surgery result in permanent reduction of double chin, how do you know which one is right for you? The simple answer is to consider your lifestyle, when choosing a chin reduction treatment. Kybella is a quick and easy, non-invasive injection with little to no downtime following treatment. On the other hand, chin lipo surgery requires cutting of the skin, and causes more trauma to the skin in and around the treatment area. This results in more extensive recovery time. Patients are required to wear compression garments for up to four days to prevent formation of a seroma, which is a collection of benign fluid under the chin. Therefore, patients with an active lifestyle or who are averse to going under the knife consider Kybella the treatment option of choice.

Kybella or Chin Lipo: Kybella at Smooth Synergy, NYC

kybella or chin lipoAt Smooth Synergy, Medical Director George Liakeas, MD prides himself on his ability to carefully examine each patient and assess what kind of treatment outcome they can expect from Kybella. For more information on permanent chin reduction with Kybella, call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111.

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