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Microcurrent Body Lifts

Microcurrent Body Lift: Non-surgical Body Lift in New York City

The Diamond Dynamic Wave Form Therapy Program amplifies the body’s own rejuvenating abilities to help reverse the signs of aging, strengthen the muscles and bring youthful definition to the body. Weight, bumpy lumpy contours, distended stomach and cellulite are some of the more evident body problems. These are just the apparent signs. However, internal clogging is the more serious problem that can be so detrimental to our overall health and well being.

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Watch this demonstration of a fanny facial using our microcurrent machine
which lifts and tones the body!
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When the internal organs of the body are sluggish, the result is a continuous back up. Enlisting the body’s support and cooperation is essential to help reverse the signs of aging and for the long term correction of stubborn aesthetic conditions that result from multiple imbalances of the body, most particularly digestion problems.

This system gently and effectively works to bring the body back to optimal health and helps make the difference for people who:

  • have become overweight
  • are unable to exercise
  • are out of shape and have a hard time committing
  • have poor internal health
  • recently had a baby
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