“Beauty awakens the soul to act.” – Dante Alighieri

40 is now the new 30! We’re more active, travel more, and have more experiences than generations before us. At Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa in NYC, we believe people do live younger, longer lives. But because of biology, with age our skin loses its glow, becoming grayer. Our facial shape collapses from loss of collagen and tone, our breasts sag, and our skin texture becomes less smooth. How we feel no longer matches how we look.

Treatments that utilize PRP therapy include the Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, and the Vampire Breast Lift®. The PRP method helps naturally restore shape, and improve tone and texture, and rejuvenate new and younger tissue!

The treatment is relatively quick and pain-free. First, our expert medical injector uses HA fillers to create a beautiful shape. Then, he isolates growth factors from the patient’s blood. These growth factors enter the site of the treatment after injection by the physicians, resulting in the activation of multi-potent stem cells and the growth of new tissue. This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, PRP NYC

Vampire Facelift

Timeless, porcelain skin isn’t just for vampires anymore. At our NYC spa, you can combat aging with the use of HA fillers and PRP to create a beautiful lift, adding color and texture to your face.

Microneedling with PRP

Skin needling , also called microneedling therapy, collagen induction therapy (CIT), and percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive, advanced, skin-rejuvenation procedure.

Vampire Breast Lift

Our skin becomes gray, our breasts sag and the skin crinkles in our cleavage. Add loss of sensation because of breast feeding, implants, or, more often than not, years, and our breasts end up feeling more droopy than sexy.

PRP Therapy, O-Shot

Aging also effects our sexuality. The O-Shot ® applies the same concept of the Vampire Facelift® to our vaginal walls. This revolutionary treatment battles vaginal dryness, mild urinary stress incontinence, painful intercourse, and loss of vaginal tightening, all without having to undergo surgery.

PRP Therapy, P-Shot

In Greek mythology, Priapus was the fertility God, protector of livestock, fruits, gardens and male genitalia. Our Manhattan medical spa has added the P-Shot® to its list of treatments. Men, too, deal with the effects of aging on their bodies.

Vampire Facial

With age, our skin can become sallow and ashen. We need to revitalize our skin and bring back that youthful glow. During the Vampire Facial procedure, our medical injector, Dr. George, injects PRP, which rejuvenates the face and restores your natural beauty and radiance.