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Endermolift skin care treatment is an exclusive anti-aging technique. The wand-like rollers emit micro-pulsation waves that penetrate deep through skin layers to erase signs of aging. Endermolift works for men and women of all ages, skin types and tones to replenish skin, leaving behind a healthy glow. For this specialized treatment, we use CelluM6 to reduce wrinkles and balance your complexion. An endermolift natural anti-aging treatment can reenergize your youthful skin cells to leave your skin feeling fresh and new! We have a menu of the best NYC spa treatments to meet the needs of all our clients.

What to Know

  • An effective anti-aging solution that is both non-aggressive and 100% natural.
  • Endermolift is a mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin which sends a signal down to the cells, giving the face a nice glow.
  • This procedure is great for lymphatic drainage, which helps those with sinus issues.

What to Love

  • Endermolift provides fast, visible results, effectively eliminating wrinkles, balancing out your complexion,and improving your skin quality.
  • Endermolift works to tap into your
  • Keep your face in shape, like you do with your body ("skin fitness").

Endermolift Treatments NYC

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