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Eyelash Treatments in New York City: Extensions for Long, Luscious Lashes

With our expert eyelash extensions, you can say goodbye to false eyelashes and eyelash glue. Get the amazing lashes you’ve always wanted! Who doesn’t dream of waking up with longer and fuller eyelashes without the help of mascara? Now, you can have longer lashes without the hassle.

How Long Does Eyelash Extension Treatment Take?

A set of full lashes takes around two hours to apply. First, our estheticians will help you choose the best look for you and tailor the treatment perfectly to your needs. No matter what look you would like, you can choose from different lengths: short, or long, or perhaps something in between. Then, your Eyelash professional will meticulously apply each single lash with a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue, designed to avoid eye irritation and leave the natural lash intact.

What Types of Lash Extensions Can I Choose From?

Lash types include, synthetic, silk or mink. They range in size between 6mm to 17mm.

How Long Do Professional Eyelash Extensions Last?

With regular touch-ups every month, Eyelash Extensions can last year round.

Why Are Eyelash Touch-Ups Necessary?

The growth cycle of eyelashes is typically six to eight weeks. Since lash extensions are attached to a single eyelash, they will naturally fall out through this cycle. Touch-ups every month work to replace lashes lost to the natural growth cycle.

Should I Avoid Mascara or Anything Else?

Mascara can gently be applied to the tips of extensions only. Avoid water for 12-24 hours following application of extension, due to water’s ability to weaken the adhesive.

Does Smooth Synergy Medical Spa offer Other Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments?

Our professional estheticians are also skilled at Eyebrow Shaping and Eyebrow Tinting, as well as Eyelash Tinting to complement your Eyelash Extension treatment. Ask us about these additional services to enhance your eyes. 

Why Choose Smooth Synergy NYC for Lash Extensions?

Our eyelash extensions give you the beautiful, expressive lashes you desire and are customized to the look you want. Whether you like your lashes long and dramatic or thick and lush, our professionals can tailor your lashes to look like you just stepped out of a magazine photo shoot! You will walk out with eyelashes that look luscious and voluminous! Call Smooth Synergy Medical Spa at 212-397-0111 to find out more.

  • Over time, our eyelashes thin out and even fall out.  Eyelash extensions are an easy way to improve your look without makeup.
  • A typical application takes two hours and can be maintained year-round with frequent touch ups.
  • We use an assortment of lashes to give you options for the look you want.
  • Our eyelash extensions can be tailored many different ways to give you the look you’ve always wanted!
  • Eyelash extensions can easily update your look without breaking the bank.

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What Sets Smooth Synergy Apart?

  • Established in 2002, as one the first Medical Spas in NYC
  • Cutting-edge cosmetic services
  • Creators of beauty treatments like the Fanny Facial
  • True synergy including layering skincare modalities
  • Respect for your individual skincare goals (no judgments)
  • Experienced, licensed estheticians
  • Medical Director, Dr. George, on site, ready to meet your skincare needs
  • Real solutions and superior results

Nicole Contos, Founder and CEO, is here for you. All questions are welcome. No request is too small. Her aim? Total Beauty. All You!

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