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Facial Veins NYC. Spider vein removal in just a few treatments! Vascular 300 treats facial spider veins, blood moles, skin tags, and sunspots. Today can be the day to restore your beautiful skin.

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With the Vascular 300, we can remove vascular blemishes on the face with a safe, effective and non-invasive single-probe touch method. Spider vein removal is possible within just a few treatments.

Our Manhattan spa has cutting edge technology with an on-staff medical doctor and expert skin care consultants to develop a unique skincare treatment and help you achieve the look you desire. Get rid of facial and spider veins and feel beautiful!

What to Know

  • The Vascular 300 has been proven effective in removal of spider veins, blood spot and skin tags.
  • Using both Direct Current and High Frequency Current to minimize the capillaries, the Vascular 300 works to rid the face of these little veins.

What to Love

  • With a single-probe touch method, the currents generated are applied simultaneously to coagulate a segment of the blood vessel and remove unwanted vascular blemishes.
  • The Vascular 300 is a proven safe and effective method that allows clients to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Facial Veins NYC

Are you a candidate for treatment with The Vascular 300?
There are very few contraindicated conditions. They include pregnancy, pacemakers, and some heart conditions. Consult with your Specialist to see how you can benefit from treatments with The Vascular 300 and regain the confidence you deserve!

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