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Sqoom NYC! Tighten and smooth your skin with the newest, cutting edge technology—only available at Smooth Synergy!

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Smooth Synergy® NYC Spa is the first and only US spa to use SQOOM technology! SQOOM produces one million soft vibrations per second so that its highly developed active gels can penetrate and regenerate the skin from deep within. The result is revitalized, healthy, and tightened skin that looks and feels great. SQOOM works on damaged, sensitive skin and is appropriate for all skin types and tones. The best way to see the results from this exclusive, NYC skin care technology is to come in to our Manhattan spa and experience this treatment for yourself. Revitalize your skin!

What to Know

  • What sets SQOOM apart from other procedures, is that it can penetrate deeper in your skin, regenerating skin and reducing wrinkles by generating one million soft vibrations per second.
  • SQOOM combines ultrasound with high value gels, which penetrates the upper layer of the skin while stimulating the self-production of collagen.
  • SQOOM penetrates deeply into the skin while having a profound regenerative effect.
  • In addition to its beauty benefits, SQOOM can be used to help those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint problems.

What to Love

  • Different gels have been developed for specific skin problems and sensitive skin.
  • The deep hydration from SQOOM treatments can erase the effects of aging on damaged skin and also increases elasticity.
  • SQOOM is quite possibly the most elegant way to achieve visibly beautiful skin.


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