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Ultherapy® FDA Approved Non-invasive Eyebrow Lift by Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC

Ultherapy is the first-ever FDA approved device for non-invasive eye-brow lifting. Numerous studies have proven that Ultherapy around the forehead and eyes, non surgically and without any recuperation time, significantly lifts, tightens and smooths skin and underlying tissue re-sulting in lifting eyebrows, tightens and smoothing lines on the fore-head, reduces hooding of the eyelid skin, and gives a more open look to the eyes. In one of many studies proving the effectiveness of Ul-therapy, 86% of subjects were judged by observers to show clinically significant brow-lift just 60 days after treatment.

Before Ultherapy, the only treatment to lift the eyebrows and the eye-lids was a surgical brow lift or eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, both of which have the inherent risks of anesthesia, and possible scarring, a permanent unnatural “surprised” look, uneven bilateral re-sults, not to mention a long and obvious healing process and signifi-cant downtime.

Now, in a single, one-hour treatment, Ultherapy can lift the brows, forehead, eyelids as well as smooth lines around the eyes and fore-head for up to 5 years, safely, subtly, and naturally, with no downtime at all. The results of Ultherapy happen gradually, mainly over the first 3-6 months, and look completely natural.

Ultherapy gets significant results without surgery because it has the ability to micro-focus energy at different, customizable depths deep within your tissue to trigger your skin to regenerate its own collagen at all necessary levels within the skin. These multiple levels of collagen work together to lift, tone, and tighten your skin from the inside out since they form the latticework that makes your skin firm, smooth and elastic.

Because Ultherapy uses proprietary two-way ultrasound technology, it has the unique ability to “see and treat” the delicate skin around the eyes differently than it “sees and treats” other skin on your face. The Ultherapy technology has the ability to bypass the outermost layer of the skin so that there is no downtime, and normal activities can be re-sumed immediately. Patients’ skin is typically pink for as little as 20 minutes or as much as two hours after treatment.

A consultation prior to Ultherapy is necessary and an important step in determining the protocol for your eye and brow lift. At your consulta-tion, we will be able to see you and ask you questions that will help us to determine whether Ultherapy will work for you, which areas around the forehead and eyebrows will be best to focus on, and we will start to analyze the various depths in millimeters needed to treat your skin to get optimal brow and eye lifting results. Based on the areas our experienced practitioners recommend, we will be able to give you an accurate cost for your Ultherapy treatment. Patients are often surprised to learn that treating the area adjacent to or in addition to the patient’s area of concern will get far better skin lifting, firming and smoothing results. In your consultation, we will also use a special system to classify your skin type accurately so that we can recommend whether Ultherapy will effectively lift your eyes and brows and whether other treatments such as IPL Photofacials, Squoom, Microcurrent Facelift, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse will be effective for rejuvenating the skin of your eyes and forehead. The Ultherapy brow and eye lift has been shown to work best for pa-tients with mild to moderate laxity of the skin of the forehead and around the eyes. Patients with more laxity can sometimes benefit as well. Your consultation will give you the opportunity to get to know us and get answers to your questions about Ultherapy or the other treatments we offer to address your skin and beauty concerns. Call Smooth Synergy at (212) 397-0111 today to book your complimentary consultation to find out if the Ultherapy eyebrow lift is right for you.

What to Know

  • Ultherapy gives your face a lift without surgery.
  • Ultherapy treatments take about an hour to two hours.
  • Ultherapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment. Your skin may look flushed or swell, in rare cases.
  • This will subside in a few days.
  • Ultherapy results can be seen as soon as two weeks after the first treatment, reaching maximum results six months later.
  • There is no post-treatment downtime.

What to Love

  • Ultherapy treats deep layers of skin tissue, though doesn’t affect the surface of the skin.
  • Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment that is FDA-cleared that actually lifts the skin.
  • Repeated treatment is up to your discretion, when you feel the effects of aging and depleted collagen are pulling your skin down again. (Practitioners suggest every couple of years.)
  • Ultherapy can help you achieve a more youthful look, from your brow to your chest, with marked results within weeks.

Ultherapy® FDA Approved Non-invasive Eyebrow Lift by Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC

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