What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the ONLY FDA approved non-surgical treatment option that lifts skin and muscle in addition to tightening and toning skin. Ultherapy uses micro focused ultrasound energy that goes deep into the SMAS skin tissue. It is has no downtime, is non-invasive, works naturally, usually requires only a single one-hour treatment, and yields natural looking, long lasting results.

Ultherapy stimulates your skin from the inside out to smooth and tighten skin on the face, including the jowls, eyes, and brow. Ultherapy is also effective for lifting skin on the body including the neck, and chest, knees and stomach. We offer complimentary consultations to see if Ultherapy is best for you or if any of our other cosmedical non-surgical beauty treatments are better options for you.

Why choose Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is one of the best non-surgical procedures for skin tightening. It effectively lifts sagging skin on areas including the jowls, neck, eyes, chest and more.Treatments take about an hour. There is no downtime because Ultherapy bypasses the outermost layer of the skin. Patients typically only experience minor redness which lasts an hour or two. Only one Ultherapy treatment is usually needed to achieve desired re-sults, and treatments can be repeated after 6 months for even more skin tightening and lifting. Ultherapy achieves natural looking skin tightening because Ultherapy triggers your natural healing process to produce new collagen and elastin. Results are natural looking because they are gradual.

Although some skin tightening is noticeable immediately, the real results happen over the next 3-6 months and last for years as new collagen forms and firms and rejuvenates the skin by increasing its elasticity. Ultherapy is best for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity in areas of concern. When we meet with you at your consultation, we will use a special index to determine your skin type, and we will ask you important questions to help determine if Ultherapy will get you the results you want.

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy by Ulthera uses precise amounts of ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin. Micro-targeted ultrasound waves, customizable at different depths depending on the patient’s skin and areas being treated, are able to reach the muscle, deep dermis, and the epidermis to stimulate fibrob-lasts, pro-collagen, collagen and finally elastin resulting in in-creased skin elasticity and smoothing of wrinkles. DeepSEE® ultrasound technology allows for see and treat, real-time, on-screen visualization, precision, and customiza-tion of the depth of the tissue being treated depending on how much skin tightening and lifting is needed versus how much smoothing is needed for each patient and each area being treated. Most other treatments cannot do this.

Is Ultherapy effective as a replacement for cosmetic surgery?

Ultherapy is ALMOST like a face lift without surgery, down-time, or scars. Maintaining your skin when it has slight to moderate laxity can delay or eliminate the need for cosmetic surgery later. Ultherapy is one of the best proven non-invasive skin tighteners available that can achieve significant results without cosmetic surgery. In one study, the average amount of lift was 45.2 mm, with significant skin lifting for 71.8% of patients. These results prove that Ultherapy can effectively lift skin non-surgically and with significant advantages over skin-tightening surgery, such as a facelift. Skin tightening surgery generally involves removing skin tissue with a scalpel to pull and reattach skin and muscle to achieve tighter skin, but it cannot create elasticity from within the skin like Ultherapy does. At Smooth Synergy, we believe that maintenance is the key to avoiding surgery, and we offer proven, effective non-surgical skin treatments that can by used in synergy to address concerns now to avoid surgery later.

How long does Ultherapy last?

Ultherapy lasts until you age more. Because Ultherapy results in skin lifting and tightening through collagen production, in effect, it rejuvenates skin and turns back time. The result of how long Ultherapy lasts depends on the genetic predisposition to aging and lifestyle factors of the patient. Additional Ultherapy treatments can be performed if a patient wants additional skin tightening benefits after 6 months.

At Smooth Synergy, we tailor our skin-care programs to your individual needs. We want to meet you in person, answer all your questions, speak to you about skin concerns, and determine if Ultherapy will give you the results you are looking for. We always meet with our Ultherapy patients first for a complimentary consultation before treatment; schedule your complimentary consultation today at (212) 397-0111.


Ultherapy Neck

Is sagging skin under your neck adding years to your look? Ditch the double chin with Ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure offered at Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC.

Ultherapy Chest

Do you dare to bare your décolleté? Smooth Synergy in NYC offers Ultherapy for a décolletage treatment that reveals a younger you.

Ultherapy Face

Is your face beginning to give away your age? Smooth Synergy Medical Spa NYC brings you Ultherapy, the Rolls-Royce of treatments to give the skin on your face a tighter look.

Ultherapy Lower Face and Jowls

Ultherapy is a an FDA approved non-invasive procedure to lift, tighten, and firm skin tissue on the jowls and chin as well as the entire face and neck.

Ultherapy Brows

Ultherapy is the first-ever FDA approved device for non-invasive eye-brow lifting.