Why Ultherapy?
How does Ultherapy work differently from other treatments like cosmetic surgery, radio-frequency or lasers?

Safe, time-tested Ultrasound technology is what makes Ultherapy so innovative. It’s an FDA-cleared procedure that offers the benefit of reaching the same structural area of the skin as cosmetic surgery — without the risks and downtime associated with going under the knife. And, unlike radio-frequency or lasers, Ultherapy is precise. Ultrasound waves bypass the surface of the skin, depositing tiny amounts of energy to clearly-defined depths under the skin. The body responds to the energy by jumpstarting the skin’s regenerative process from the inside out.

How long does it take to see the results of Ultherapy?

Some of the lifting and firming benefits of Ultherapy may be seen immediately after treatment with visible improvements occurring in two to three months. The real results happen after a six to seven month period, as the body’s natural healing ability continues to repair the skin on the face, neck, chin, brow or chest/décolleté.

Considering Ultherapy in NYC? Smooth Synergy Medical Spa, centrally located in Midtown East Manhattan, is pleased to offer this gold standard of non-invasive treatments to lift and tone such hard-to-treat areas as the jowls, neck, face and chest/décolleté.

Ultherapy pain : does Ultherapy hurt? Is Ultherapy safe?

Ultherapy is a treatment alternative to surgery, which is one of the many reasons ultherapy complaints are uncommon. Most patients report that any mild discomfort experienced due to the heat of the Ultrasound energy is worth the benefit that Ultherapy treatment provides for the skin. Minimal swelling after Ultherapy is normal and usually temporary. There’s usually no downtime and patients can return to routine, non-strenuous activity immediately following the treatment. Our Medical Director, Dr. George Liakeas, and experienced estheticians always strive to assure that you are as comfortable as possible during the 60-90 minute procedure.

How many Ultherapy treatments will I need?

Ultherapy treatment may be performed up to two times a year, depending on the treatment outcome you desire and the laxity of your skin.

How much is Ultherapy treatment?

Ultherapy costs in NYC depend on the needs of each client. Smooth Synergy NYC invites you for a free consultation with a skin care specialist, who is an expert at understanding your skin and providing you with an array of treatment options. Come in to Smooth Synergy and see how easy it is to achieve fresher and tighter skin.

Did you know that Ultherapy works for specific areas of the skin? Find more information at: Ultherapy Face, Ultherapy Neck, Ultherapy Chest/Décolleté, or our Ultherapy blog.


Ultherapy Neck

Is sagging skin under your neck adding years to your look? Ditch the double chin with Ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure offered at Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC.

Ultherapy Chest

Do you dare to bare your décolleté? Smooth Synergy in NYC offers Ultherapy for a décolletage treatment that reveals a younger you.

Ultherapy Face

Is your face beginning to give away your age? Smooth Synergy Medical Spa NYC brings you Ultherapy, the Rolls-Royce of treatments to give the skin on your face a tighter look.