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The P-Shot NYC: Increase Sensation and Pleasure with PRP Therapy

Men deal with aging too. Sexual drive wanes and penises lose erectile function. But did you know that these effects of aging are optional?  By applying the the same skin-restoring principles of the Vampire FaceLift and O-Shot to the penis, men now have a results-oriented option to improve sexual function. It’s all about the regenerating power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). These powerhouses are growth factors found in the blood with a superior ability to heal skin from injury. And, when PRP is used on the penis, it has an unmatched ability to deliver lasting improvements in sexual sensation, pleasure and performance for men.

Benefits of Priapus Shot or P-Shot

  • Quick, nonsurgical, no downtime
  • Safe and effective
  • Takes advantage of PRP to naturally regenerate tissue
  • Improved circulation within the penis
  • May correct damage from diabetes
  • Increases sensation and pleasure
  • Larger, firmer, more frequent erections
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Improves the results of Viagra or Cialis

What is a Priapus Shot? Does the Priapus Shot Work?

The Priapus Shot (P-Shot)  makes use of Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) to rejuvenate the penis. During this nonsurgical procedure, the PRP is extracted from your own blood and the protein-rich part of the blood is injected back into the penis. The healing, growth factors in the PRP stimulate a process of cellular repair — stem cells grow, collagen is boosted, tissue regenerates, a stronger network of blood vessels develops and blood circulation is encouraged to the penis.

Is PRP Evidenced Based Medicine?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment has had wide medical application since it’s introduction in 1970, particularly in the fields of sports and orthopedic medicine. Plasma Rich Protein injections (PRP) are commonly used for tendonitis, knee or shoulder injury,  arthritis, as well as nerve damage. Professional athletes often make use of blood injections to heal injury, including: Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Maria Sharapova.

Is There PRP Science that Back Use for the Penis?

For the P-Shot specifically, multiple studies have proven the results, which include: immediately larger, stronger, straighter penis; increased circulation within the penis for a healthier organ; enhanced sexual performance and increased sensation and pleasure (even helping to correct damage from diabetes). For men who still need Viagra or Cialis, it will make those therapies work better.

Who Introduced PRP for Skin Rejuvenation? When was the Priapus Shot Created?

Charles Runel, MD is the pioneer of the cosmetic application of PRP. In 2011, Dr. Runels registered and trademarked the Vampire FaceLift procedure, later made famous by Kim Kardashian. Since then, Dr. Runels  has added to the family of platelet rich plasma skin rejuvenation treatments including: PRP Vampire Facial, PRP Vampire Breast Lift, PRP Vampire Hair Therapy, The PRP P-Shot for penis / sexual rejuvenation, as well as the PRP O-Shot and PRP Wing Lift for vaginal / sexual rejuvenation. For more, click for Dr. Runels biography.

What is the PRP in the Priapus Shot? How do Plasma Injections Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains growth factors that are packed with proteins and healing factors. Just as it can repair the skin from injury, PRP can effectively be used to restore skin on many areas of the body. Specifically PRP works as follows:

  • Stem cells respond to micro-injury on the skin by going into repair mode, stimulating growth factors and cells to generate new tissue
  • New blood vessels form (or “neovascularization”), which increases the blood flow to the penis
  • Cellular turnover and collagen production are encouraged.

Priapus Shot Before and After: What Priapus Shot Results Can I Expect?

After an injection, the stem cells and tissues begin to grow and regenerate, which increases tissue rejuvenation and increases blood flow to the penis. Better sensation usually happens immediately following the procedure; however, a noticeable change in size usually takes several weeks to occur. Results can also include better sexual functioning (PRP for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)), as well as enhanced pleasure and arousal.

How to Prepare Platelet Rich Plasma: Can You Explain the Actual Penile PRP Injection Process?

The procedure is quite simple and takes about 20-30 minutes. In a nutshell, our expert medical injector will use the patient’s own platelet rich plasma to inject into the penis. Specifically:

  1. The P-Shot starts with a blood draw from your arm. The platelets are extracted from the blood using a superior centrifuge called the Magellan TruPRP to isolate the protein-rich growth factors.
  2. While the platelets are being extracted, a numbing cream is spread over the penis.
  3. Next, Dr. George will assess your skin to determine the best places to inject the PRP for maximum results.
  4. Then, Dr. George will inject the PRP into various, predetermined places in the skin along the penis.

Does PRP Injection During the P-Shot Hurt?

Most men describe a slight pinching feeling. Because of the use of a numbing cream, most people consider Platelet Rich Plasma sexual rejuvenation to be relatively pain-free. However, individual tolerances to pain will determine how painful a PRP injection is. Our trained medical staff pride themselves on providing patients with maximum comfort during treatment.

Priapus Shot Side Effects: What’s the Recovery Time After PRP Injection?

PRP side effects includes some skin tenderness and redness, which usually dissipates within several hours. There’s no downtime following injection; however, minor swelling and bruising can occur temporarily at the injection site. This usually dissipates within several hours. Men can return to normal activity, including sex, immediately after the P-Shot. The numbing cream may take several hours to wear off.

PRP Injection Risks: Is PRP Safe?

Because PRP takes advantage of your own blood, PRP injection complications are rare. There’s no need to worry about allergic reactions or your body rejecting a foreign substance.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for the Penis: How Long Does a P-Shot Last?

One treatment is recommended with results usually lasting several years. Some men require yearly maintenance of the procedure.

Priapus Definition: What Does Priapus Mean?

In Greek mythology, Priapus was the fertility god, protector of livestock, fruits, gardens and male genitalia.

How to Find Priapus Shot Providers? Where to Get the P-Shot Near Me?

Our Medical Director, Dr. George Liakeas is a certified Vampire treatment provider, who received training from  the creator of the Vampire treatments, Dr. Charles Runels. Additionally, he is one of a select few, who trains other providers to perform the Vampire treatments.

Why Choose Smooth Synergy NYC for the P-Shot

Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa has over 15 years experience in the medical spa industry, giving us a distinct advantage in delivering real solutions and superior results with all of our cosmetic aesthetic treatments, including the P-Shot to reverse sexual dysfunction. Call us at 212-397-0111 to find out why the P-Shot may be the answer to restore your sexual health and improve your love life.

  • Our physician has undergone special training with Dr. Runels to offer PRP injection treatments (The Vampire FaceLift ®, The Vampire BreastLift®,
  • The O-Shot ®, and the Priapus Shot ®).
  • Our on-site doctor will take out the client’s blood and put it in the Magellan
  • TruPRP centrifuge, isolating the platelet rich plasma and growth factors.
  • The doctor will numb the penis with a cream.
  • Using a tiny needle, the doctor will inject the PRP product in the penis.
  • The entire procedure takes approximately 40 minutes.
  • There is no post-procedure recovery time necessary.
  • The procedure lasts 18 months and could be permanent.
  • There is minimal bruising.
  • There’s no lumpiness or nodules.
  • PRP stimulates the growth of new tissue and blood vessels, increasing circulation.
  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and herbal supplements for 72 hours prior to treatment. These medications can increase the chances of bruising.
  • Immediate effects include a larger, stronger and straighter penis.
  • PRP Therapy increases circulation in the penis for a healthier organ.
  • There’s an increase in sensation and pleasure.
  • The patient can increase size by design, at the base or head, whichever he chooses for better results.
  • It can help other therapies work better.
  • There is minimal pain in P-Shot Therapy.

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What Sets Smooth Synergy Apart?

  • Established in 2002, as one the first Medical Spas in NYC
  • Cutting-edge cosmetic services
  • Creators of beauty treatments like the Fanny Facial
  • True synergy including layering skincare modalities
  • Respect for your individual skincare goals (no judgments)
  • Experienced, licensed estheticians
  • Medical Director, Dr. George, on site, ready to meet your skincare needs
  • Real solutions and superior results

Nicole Contos, Founder and CEO, is here for you. All questions are welcome. No request is too small. Her aim? Total Beauty. All You!

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