PRP Therapy: Vampire Breast Lift Treatments

The Vampire Breastlift NYC: Battle Saggy Breasts for Natural, Youthful Fullness

The Vampire Breast Lift works much like a great, supportive bra would, restoring the fullness to your breasts and much more. It even lifts inverted nipples and lessens stretch marks.

Our skin becomes gray, our breasts sag and the skin crinkles in our cleavage. Add loss of sensation because of breastfeeding, implants, or, more often than not, years, and our breasts end up feeling more droopy than sexy. It’s time to bring out that sensual dress you have tucked in the back of your closet.

Women who have had breast augmentation surgery who are experiencing breast wrinkling due to volume loss are great candidates for a Vampire Breast Lift. Our expert medical injector makes magic, using a small amount of PRP in just the right place to achieve a dramatic effect. Our Manhattan medical spa has top-of-the-line equipment to get the best plasma, making your skin treatment even better.

  • The procedure takes less than an hour. (You can do it during lunchtime!)
  • There’s no down time after the lift. (The same day, you can wear that low-cut gown.)
  • Effects last between nine and 18 months.
  • You might experience minimal discomfort: irritation and itching, swelling, or bruising. This will pass within a few days.
  • The Vampire Breast Lift® doesn’t enlarge breast cups to another size. It works to restore natural volume and lift.
  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and herbal supplements for 72 hours prior to treatment. These medications can increase the chances of bruising.
  • You can reveal a deeper cleavage and smooth out stretch marks.
  • It provides lift and restores volume.
  • If you have irregularities in breast shape after an implant surgery or in a natural breast have lost roundness, the Vampire Breast Lift is a great option to restore volume in the cleavage area.
  • The Vampire Breast Lift increases sensitivity to nipples in patients who have had breast augmentation surgery.
  • The Vampire Breast Lift can lift inverted nipples.

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