Ultherapy Chest Treatments

Ultherapy Treatment for Chest: Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Smoothing for the Décolleté by Smooth Synergy, NYC

Do you dare to bare your décolleté? Is a roadmap of chest wrinkles giving away your age? Ultherapy is FDA-cleared to reduce wrinkles on the chest and smooth the décollette area. So get ready to revitalize skin and reveal a younger you, New York City!  It’s possible with Ultherapy for the chest.

Benefits of Ultherapy for Décolleté

  • The only FDA-cleared noninvasive treatment to lift and tighten
  • Safe. Effective. No downtime.
  • Nonsurgical alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • Relies on safe, time-tested Ultrasound
  • Rejuvenates collagen
  • Works on crepey, wrinkled skin
  • Reaches the same foundational layer of skin as a Breast Lift

Is Ultherapy the Best Treatment for Aging Décolleté?

Our décolletage is one of our most feminine, attractive areas. But wrinkled and sun damaged skin on the chest area can give away or make women look older than their age, We find that our clients who treat the skin on their faces and necks often come  to us noticing the contrasting signs of aging of their chest. Additionally, many of our clients express concern that crepey skin and chest wrinkles are stubborn treatment areas that aren’t as responsive to topical creams or other more superficial treatments.

Ultherapy chest treatment is different. It goes deep and reconditions the skin, which makes it the answer to get rid of wrinkles on the chest. It’s the best décolletage treatment available for crepey skin on the chest, chest creases, décolletage wrinkle prevention, décolletage skin repair, as well as treating décolleté wrinkles.

How Does Ultherapy Work? How to Get Rid of Decolletage Wrinkles?

Ultherapy works by triggering your skin’s natural collagen production process from within. The advantage is safe, time-tested Ultrasound technology. By gently heating the demis, it stimulates neocollagenesis and elastin remodeling to tighten and lift the decolletage. As a result, Ultherapy for the chest actually lifts the musculature from within, as it works to remove wrinkles from the decollete.

How Does Ultherapy Work on the Decollete?

Ultherapy has a distinct advantage over other treatments. It’s patented DeepSee technology allows practitioners to visualize the skin in an on-screen image. As a result, she can target the energy to precise levels, as well as reach multiple, deep layers of the skin. The Ultrasound energy is delivered at 4.5mm, 3.0 mm and 1.5 mm and reaches the SMAS layer — the same foundational level as plastic surgeons. By reaching multiple depths with targeted energy, twice the volume of tissue is treated — offering skin tightening results for the décolleté that are unmatched by other nonsurgical treatments.

What Causes Wrinkles, Creases and Sagging Skin on the Décolletage / Cleavage?

Wrinkled chest skin is one the most noticeable signs of aging, depending on the amount of sun exposure, genetics and lifestyle factors. And an aging décolletage can happen quickly. That’s because the décolleté is sensitive, thin and delicate, which makes it  particularly susceptible to noticeable signs of aging. Further, it has fewer reparative oil glands, less elastin and is more prone to sun damage. This combo is a recipe for dry, crepey and sagging skin on the neck and chest. As well, it’s important to note that our décolleté is exposed constantly, and shows the tell-tale signs of sun damage and gravity, in contrast to our well-maintained faces and neck skin.

Is Ultherapy Effective for the Décolleté? What Ultherapy Research is Available?

Now, we can effectively and safely treat the areas of the chest that are regularly exposed because of plunging necklines. In studies, Ultherapy on the chest area has been shown to lift the breasts by as much as 2cm.

Ultherapy: Does it Work? How Long to See Results on the Décolleté?

Ultherapy results happen gradually, discreetly, and naturally. Chest wrinkles smooth, skin tightens, and breasts become lifted slowly over the next 2-6 months and throughout the year. After six months, it’s possible to reassess results and see if additional treatment is warranted or desired.

What is Ultherapy Recovery Time Following Decollete Treatment?

Safe, effective skin tightening and lifting of the chest area can be completed in a single one hour Ultherapy session with no downtime. As a result, patients can return to normal activity immediately following Ultherapy.

How Long Does Ultherapy Last? Is Ultherapy Permanent?

Ultherapy results last up to five years. However, how long an Ulthera décolleté treatment lasts depends on each individual’s genetic predisposition to aging, as well as lifestyle factors. Likewise, Ultherapy is not permanent, due to the body’s natural aging process.

Is Ultherapy Preventative?

Because Ultherapy sustains collagen growth, it can work to prevent wrinkles and skin aging before they happen.

Ultherapy Pain : Does Ultherapy Hurt? Is Ultherapy safe?

Individual tolerance to pain is personal. Medication can be given before treatment, which works to alleviate any minor pain. Any discomfort during treatment usually dissipates quickly. Our licensed technicians have experience making you as comfortable as possible. Most patients report that any mild discomfort experienced due to the heat of the Ultrasound energy is worth the benefit the treatment provides for the chest area.

What are Ultherapy Side Effects? What is the Recommended Ultherapy After-Care?

Generally, side effects are minor and dissipate in time, as a result of the normal healing process. Simple measures, such as Ibuprofen, usually work to alleviate symptoms. Immediately following treatment, skin on the chest may appear flushed for up to several hours. Additionally, it is normal to experience mild tenderness, bruising and swelling after Ulthera for up to a week. Further, tingling, soreness, numbness and tenderness may last for up to two to three weeks.

Why Get Ultherapy vs. Surgical Breast Lift?

Ultherapy and surgical breast lifts both offer the advantage of reaching the SMAS layer, deep within the skin. However, an Ultherapy treatment comes without the significant risks, pain and downtime associated with going under the knife. Ultherapy is a treatment option of choice for people who don’t want surgery or for those looking to enhance the results of a breast lift.  Even surgery isn’t able to create significant and natural looking skin-lifting of the chest skin. In fact, breast surgery can make the skin of the chest more wrinkled, since it pushes the breasts together and creates vertical wrinkles. In the case of augmentation, more wrinkles are created because the breasts become artificially heavier.

Am I a Good Candidate for Ultherapy on the Chest?

Ultherapy works best for patients with mild to moderate chest wrinkles and laxity, but it can also help patients with more lax, crepe-like skin on their chest area.

In cases of severe laxity or sun damage on the chest, Ultherapy can be used in synergy with other treatments such as IPL treatments, peels, or The Vampire Breast Lift® for better results, depending on coexisting issues such as sun damage or crepe-like textured skin. In fact, Ultherapy, in synergy with The Vampire Breast Lift®, can lift your breasts, increase your cup size, and improve your overall skin quality nonsurgically and with no downtime.

What are the Best Ulthera Treatment Areas?

Highly targeted Ultherapy is a great treatment option for many areas, particularly the face. Our expert can zero in on specific areas of concern, using the on-screen DeepSee technology. For example, Ultherapy for eyes can tightening benefit for lower eyelids. Further, a non-surgical brow lift can smooth the skin along the forehead. Additionally, Ultherapy works on other parts of the body other than the face. Clients report improvements of skin laxity when Ultherapy is used to treat the neck, stomach and knees.

Ultherapy Cost: How Much is Ultherapy Treatment?

A consultation at Smooth Synergy can work to  assess the laxity of your skin, as well as what area/s you are looking to  treat. How much Ultherapy costs in NYC depends on these factors. In general, because it’s the only FDA cleared treatment for skin tightening, Ultherapy is worth it!

How Do I Find Ultherapy Near Me?

At Smooth Synergy NYC, we always consult with our Ultherapy patients before treatment, because we want you to get the results they are hoping for. Ultherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments, such as the non surgical Vampire Breast Lift®, IPL, as well as other treatments to target different skin issues.

Our expert and experienced estheticians and medical professionals meet with you in person to address your concerns and recommend the best treatments for your skin. Call (212) 397-0111 to make your appointment for your complimentary consultation with one of our Smooth Synergy beauty professionals today.

  • Ultherapy is an excellent choice for those wanting to shed years without undergoing cosmetic surgery.
  • An Ultherapy treatment session takes between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Your skin might look flushed or swell slightly and feel tender, but these symptoms will subside in a few days.
  • Ultherapy results can be seen as soon as two weeks after the first treatment, reaching maximum results six months later.
  • Ultherapy is safe, nonsurgical, and there is no post-treatment downtime.
  • Ultherapy treats deep layers of skin tissue, though doesn’t affect the surface of the skin.
  • Ultherapy is a the only non-invasive treatment that is FDA-cleared that actually lifts the skin.
  • Repeated treatment is up to your discretion, when you feel the effects of aging and depleted collagen are pulling your skin down again. (Practitioners suggest every couple of years.)
  • Ultherapy can help you achieve a more youthful look, from your brow to your chest, with marked results within weeks.

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